"God can't be proven"

The limits are set in such a way by many people, that the possibility of God is
impossible no matter what.

They want to demand that God be "shown on a platter" or in a test tube, when God
cannot be tested in such ways. (or some other scientific manner.) Often, many
will demand proofs that would show God to be the supernatural God he is, or is
supposed to be, etc. Funny thing is, this is exactly what Jesus did. He proved
he was/is the SUPERnatural, more than nature, and what Jesus showed also
couldn't technically be proved by only scientific means. Its just as if it would
be, if there were a God, and he wanted to communicate with mankind, and showed
his own proofs through Jesus. Jesus, and many of the prophets, some apostles,
etc, had EXACTLY the stamp of "God" on them, that they were supposedly believing
in, and willing to live and die for. All for a hoax, or to trick people, or to
pull the wool over the worlds eyes? That is silly.

Remember, that many that demanded proofs in the days of Jesus, when they saw
that Lazarus was indeed alive, didn't say, "wow, this was just the hard evidence
we needed, lets believe now!"???? Rather, it was odd, if you recall, they REALLY
began to plot for his life!! Why? because they feared the evidence would cause
so many more to believe. Recall how they also wanted to kill Lazarus and why?
It was because he was another proof, and it only angered them, and PROOF, or
evidence wasn't the problem for these people. Their problem was bigger, and
evidenced in their actions. Part of their problems in believing what was
obviously true, was likely their being at odds with God, or just denying it
could be possible, they couldn't handle the truth for likely many reasons.

So, likewise, we see many people to this day demanding proofs, but they want to
"weigh a chicken with a yardstick", they are using the wrong tools and making
impossible demands. Evidence isn't lacking, other things are.

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