Gospel of Luke - Manuscript for the Bible - Papyrus

I think this is a wonderful piece from the gospel of Luke! It is located in Dublin Ireland, and is a piece from the third century. It is a Greek papyrus manuscript, located in the Chester Beatty Library in Ireland. The portions shown are from Luke 11, 12, and 13. The manuscript evidences, along with textual criticism and learning how we can know things from the past, are all invaluable tools when researching the truth from our past. There literally is nothing quite like the bible in regards to proof texts, the sheer number of them, and the fact that they have so little variance. All for something that has been a target of destruction from its conception. Its truly remarkable. I would encourage anyone to do their own, full investigative search on these kinds of things. Understand what textual criticism is, learn about what we can know from 30 years ago, to 3000 years ago. Do not, whatever you do, just listen to whatever anyone tells you to believe. Do you your own search, if you are seeking the truth. Be reasonable, logical, and fair, and compare to other things as well, like what we know from say Shakespeare's works. Something not in dispute at all, and only from a few centuries ago. We don't have anything close for example, compared to what we have for the New Testament documents. Again, do your own search on these things, if proof is what you are looking for. It is truly awesome.

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