I don't want anything like a God over me....

Some people have a hard time stepping down and letting God be God. Its can be hard realization, to find that you are indeed NOT in control of your own life, and not your own God. It kind of goes against our natures,and its a fight of its own. I think some people have such a hard time with even the possibility of it, they mock the others that do believe it, and accept it.

Its a kind of denial game perhaps, to ease the idea, which
if not true, wouldn't call for the kind of actions we see in people. Some try
to turn it into a demonizing of others, so they can point the finger and justify
what they want to say and do. (similar to what was said would happen, another
interesting little side note). These people aren't going after Hinduism,
Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, etc. at or as much as Christianity. I believe there
are reason for this, and its sad to see some people of the other religion join
forces sometimes to support what could be termed their common "christian-hate".

When feelings start flying high, and anger starts to come up, let ask ourselves
why, and is this justified or make any sense? Can we take a deep breath, slow
down, and just reasonably look at all the facts, look at all the religions and
non religious options out there, and treat them all fairly? Its very possible
there is something true that DOES explain all we see in this universe, better
than the others. Of all the available options, religious and non, like atheism,
what BEST explains what we see in the universe? Can we do this without
presupposing anything into the "evidence pool", or taking things off the table
just because we won't like where that evidence MAY lead? (like giving poor
reasons for just taking certain things off the table, because some think its
stupid or not relevant "in their eyes"?) Doing what I am suggesting, is a way
more "scientific" way of doing things anyway, as its not scientific to introduce
possilities to explain away what we see when its not warranted, etc.

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